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About us


Meet the founders

Stephanie & Gareth

Hello there! We're so excited you've come to visit our little nook of the web. We know that you'll find a fragrance that you love.

As a husband and wife team, we both wanted an all natural fragrance that smelt divine. A fragrance that was good for the body and soul, and that we could feel good wearing. Of course, like any good fragrance, it also needed just a touch of luxury.

Despite our searching, we couldn't find a fragrance that met all our criteria. So, never afraid of a challenge, we founded Garrett & Garth and set off on an adventure to design and make our own. We jumped in headfirst and quickly learnt about parfum versus eau de toilette (parfum is a higher concentration of the good stuff, whereas eau de toilette has more carrier, and let's face it - has the word toilet in there, not that appealing in a perfume if you ask me...). We decided that obviously we needed to ensure our products were the higher quality parfum and avoided that controversial word. Our whirlwind education then took us through bottle and pump standards in the perfume industry and then to the fun times of product design and development. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

We knew our hard work had paid off and that we were on a winner when our sample bottles kept being used up from us constantly "testing" them. All our fragrances obviously needed to be tested on ourselves - all day, every day, any day.

They've made appearances at corporate meetings, attended weddings, partied through birthday celebrations, turned up to Christmas parties, casually walked around one of our cities lakes and visited our local farmers markets.

We love our products, and we know you will too.


The name 'Garrett & Garth'

So why Garrett & Garth, I hear you ask. Well, Gareth always had issues with people spelling his name right. He'd be asked his name and reply 'Gareth', and be told 'Oh hi Garrett/Garth/Garry/Darren/Jared'. It became so common that he long gave up giving his real name when he orders coffee or pizza. His new alter-ego 'Rob' orders for him instead. We chose Garrett & Garth as a nod to all his other alter-ego's out there - and all of yours - that are just waiting to find their way out into the world too.


Smell good. Feel good.

All our fragrances are:

- made with all natural botanical ingredients, including organic and fair trade where possible

- made in Australia

- packaged in Fair trade, handmade and sustainable boxes

- good for the community with 30% of profits to charity.


Seasonal based fragrances

Using seasonally based oils and extracts, our fragrances highlight desired characteristics of the seasons – with warming spicy notes in Winter, and fresh balancing notes for Spring. While each fragrance can be used year round, this natural flow in our fragrances matches the changes in nature and allows scents to be matched to the season or your mood.

Fresh, cooling Summer fragrances and grounding earthy Autumn fragrances are in development to complete the seasonal set.


You want the world to smell beautiful. So do we.